AMES Medical is dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of implantable products for trauma and veterinary medicine, the instruments associated with these products, and other biomedical devices. Our products are made using several production technologies: powder metallurgy, machining, and 3D technologies.

Since 2020 we have the certifications that allow us to manufacture and market implantable products in the human body.

Our headquarters are in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain) since its foundation in 2018. The company belongs to the AMES industrial group.


AMES Medical is a specialist in the manufacturing of biomedical products based on porous titanium. The production method is the powder metallurgy technology, which consists in compacting a mixture of metal powders and sintering the compacts in a furnace at a controlled temperature, time and atmosphere. This is the procedure used to produce the OsteoSinter® porous titanium used as material for metallic implants with high osteointegration capacity.


As a specialist in manufacturing components from powder, AMES Medical has additive manufacturing machinery (or 3D technology) for biocompatible plastic components. This method is preferably used for the production of components with extremely high geometric complexity, such as customized surgical guides.


AMES Medical integrates finishing, assembly, cleaning and packaging processes. As a certified company, AMES Medical has cleaning and packaging facilities in ISO 7 room, and offers its product gamma-ray sterilized.


Although the production plant is preferably dedicated to the manufacturing of AMES Medical’s own products, the production facilities are available to manufacture specific products at customers demand.